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Fairfax Athletics (FXA) Co-ed Adult Kickball League

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Fairfax Athletics (FXA) is one of the largest Co-ed Adult Kickball Leagues in Northern Virginia (VA/DC/MD) averaging over 20 teams each season.  We offer both team and individual (free agent) registrations for our Spring, Summer, & Fall seasons. That's right, we play kickball almost year round and had over 1110 Teams & 17,800 players in 2013 (Includes all FXA Sports) 

All games are officiated by qualified and experienced paid referees, and played on regulation size adult fields.  After the games, our Sponsor Bar, Carpool in Herndon provides beer & food specials for teams to socialize and meet other players.


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posted 04/16/2014

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#FXABasketball, #FXACornhole, #FXAVolleyball, #FXADodgeball

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Are you an Individual (Free Agent) Looking to join a Team?
posted 03/24/2014
Individual (Free Agent) Registration is now closed for this season, but teams always need players (especially females), so we suggest that you add yourself to our Free Agent Players List so teams can contact you if they need additional players or if they're short on players, and need a few subs.

To add yourself to the free agent list, click on the Free Agent Players List.

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Congratulations to our Summer & Fall 2013 Kickball Champions!
posted 12/04/2013

Fall 2013 Co-ed Kickball Champions - Kick Tease

Summer 2013 Champions - RG3 Strikes Your Out

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Contour from Cox - TV Just for ME
posted 08/13/2013

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Unique Rules to Keep the Game Fun
posted 11/05/2012
No Bunting!:
The Ball must travel 20 feet

Underhand Pitching Only:
No more crazy side-arm, bouncy, 75 Mph pitches.  You will actually have a chance to kick the ball. 

We Provide Experienced Umpires, so You Don't have to Ref:
No more bad officiating with an umpire that plays in the league (on a competing team) and could potentially be biased.  We provide paid officials that do not play in the league.

Ten (10) Players on the Field:
Six (6) Males and Four (4) Females.

Better Pitch Count:
Batters have Three (3) Balls, Three (3) Strikes, and Three (3) Fouls at bat

Double First Base:
The Runner and 1st Baseman will have their own base to prevent injuries

Extra-Wide Home Plate:
No More Guessing.  If the Ball Crosses any Part of the Plate, it's a Strike.

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Why Choose FXA Kickball over other League?
posted 01/04/2009
10 Reasons to Join Fairfax Athletics Co-ed Kickball League

Sponsor Bar:
Our Sponsor bars offers FXA Kickballers beer and food specials for post-game festivities.
Unique Rule Changes:
We have altered the playground rules to make the game better and more fun! 
Cheaper Team/Individual Fees:
Our fees are much less expensive than other sport leagues.
Longer Season:
You are guaranteed to play 8 games, and possibly 1-3 more in the playoffs (all games weather permitting)
Straight & Accurate Field:
The field will be perfectly aligned so you'll never worry about crooked or misaligned fields again.

Convenient Field Location & Parking:
Field locations will be centrally located and have plenty of parking.
Qualified & Experienced Referees:
We will provide a paid referee that understands the rules completely, and has years of Kickball officiating experience.

Game Music:
FXA will provide an IPOD Music System that will play music during the games.  Teams are encouraged to plug in their own IPOD during their games.

Heavy Duty Rubber Bases:
Each Field will have a Double First Base, along with 2nd, 3rd, and Home Plate.

Social Sports League:
There will be scheduled activities and parties throughout the season.  EVERY MEMBER of FXA will be invited to participate, so you will meet people from the Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, Softball, Dodgeball, Volleyball, and Cornbhole leagues.

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